America in the year 1960. Selma Jezkova has big problems. The Czech immigrant is suffering from an eye condition that is gradually making her blind. Her 12-year old son has also inherited the condition. In order to save up the money for an operation to save her child’s sight, she is working double shifts in a metal factory. She hides her poor eyesight for fear of losing her job. But she has a great passion: the fantasy world of American musicals in which nothing awful ever happens, and she carries the music around with her through her depressing daily life. When Selma’s hard-earned money is stolen by one of her neighbours, reality and fantasy collide. Selma becomes a killer. Director Lars von Trier wrote and filmed this piece as a modern, melodramatic musical with the singer Björk in the lead role. It is Bastian Kraft’s second encounter with the Danish Dogma director, following his acclaimed production Dogville at the Schauspiel Cologne.